Rune: Inguz

Color: Green

Social yet sarcastic. An orphan with no real sense of history. A true leader in group but doubts himself and his abilities. Always willing to defend his close associates at a cost of him.


Rune: Sowulo

Color: Red

Rurally born, a gentle giant with a penchant and respect for the natural world. His love of land and devotion to family makes him attractive to those around him but when provoked and angered, destruction can follow. 


Rune: Laguz

Color: Blue

An intelligent and worldly elder statesman and ambassador for his home planet in the outer worlds. Kind and altruistic to others, he is calm, wise his centered demeanor masks a shamanistic past and a profound discerning taste in food and knowledge. 


Rune: Mannaz

Color: Yellow

Amiable yet self protective in emotional situations, he is a true believer in laws  and a protector of democracy and freedom. 


Rune: Kenaz

Color: Purple

Challenging and a witty provocateur. Can have you laughing one moment with him, then angered by him the next. Inherent knowledge of mysticism and ancient systems.

General Dómvaldr

Rune: ?

Color: Olive

Very reserved military man, who initially formed Team “Ursa”. Loyal to the order in Woof Galaxy, he will do anything to keep it in peace, even if it means to sacrifice lives.